Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Split Infinitives’ Essential Swizz Beats Mixtape

For those who don’t know or follow Split Infinitives author Sean Fennessey, let us tell you that this dude is the most meticulous mp3 tagger in the history of mp3s. He’s been known to admit to spending large chunks of weekends breaking rap songs into sub-categories that allow him to break out hyperreductive playlists like “Rap Made on Nostrand Avenue in November 1995 by Dudes with Uncles Named Phillip” and the shit still knocks. So, when Fennessey posted this fairly comprehensive 3CD (ha) mixtape of the Essential Swizz we had no choice but to direct you to this excellent and soon-to-be excised from the internet by every major label collection of one of our favorite artists. Get it while supplies last.


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