Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kanye West is AMAZING!!!

Kanye West Spits New Verses Acapella For Twitter!

Kanye is AMAZING!!! Is there anyone else in music now enjoying themselves as much? I doubt it!

Now go tweet the man!


Cool Clipse interview on Kyles Files.
The Clipse and Twista perform live tonight (7.29) at The Shrine!
Doors open 10pm

Gotta' love that pic of the fellas chillin' w/ Santa, er Rick Rubin!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Yes, Fela is everywhere these days, you might even say it's a Fela revival, or a Fela-olution. But historically speaking, espesh in the hip-hop world, worshipping Fela is nothing new. Check out this mixtape from NY based producer and DJ Dhundee. Afrotreats traces some of hip-hop's best tracks that sampled Fela over the years, from Jay-Z to Mos Def and many more.


( Intro taken from Fela's "Music Is The Weapon" )
1. I Will Not Appologize (Featuring Porn & Dice Raw) - The Roots
2. Smithzonian Institute Of Rhyme - Blackalicious
3. Colonial Mentality - Fela Kuti
4. Whatcha Gon' Do F. Timbaland - Missy Elliot
5. Roc Boys (Mike Love's Nigerian Gangster remix ft. Fela Kuti) - Jay-Z
6. Water No Get Enemy - D'Angelo, Femi Kuti & Macy Gray Feat. Roy Hargrove, Nile Rodgers
7. This Is Sad - Fela Ransome Kuti & Nigeria 70
8. Fela - Lukid
9. By Your Side (Cottonbelly's Fola Mix) [Edit] - Sade
10. No Agreement - Res, Tony Allen, Ray Lema, Baaba Maal, Positive Black Soul & Archi
11. Heat - Common
12. Let's Start (Fela Kuti Tribute) - J.Period & K'NAAN
13. Fear Not of Man - Fela Kuti
14. Fear Not of Man - Mos Def
15. Upside Down - Fela Kuti
16. Upside Down - The Daktaris
17. Tears + Sorrow - Common, Me'Shell Ndeg�Ocello & Djelimady Tounkara
18. Shuffering And Shmiling - Fela Kuti
19. Pass That Dutch (PTA MIX) - Missy Elliot
20. MAW Expensive (A Tribute To Fela) - Masters At Work Feat. Wunmi
21. Zombie, Pt. 2 - Roy Hargrove & Money Mark Nile Rodgers
( outro taken from Fela's "Music Is The Weapon" )

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lauryn Hill - Repercussions

New music from Lauryn Hill, been about 7 years since we've heard ANYTHING from her as a solo artist, enjoy.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best of DJ Spinna MIX!!!!! mixed by DJ Shred One

You already know we LOVE DJ Spinna he's been to The Shrine not once, but TWICE. So here is an amazing DJ MIX by DJ Shred One of the Devil's Pie crew outta CALI!


1. “We’re Almost There” (DJ Spinna RMX) – Jackson 5
2. “Voicetress” (ft. De La Soul) – Truth Enola
3. “Thoughts Of You” – Polyrhythm Addicts
4. “Live Your Life” – DJ Spinna
5. “Guaranteed” (ft. Phonte & Yazarah) – DJ Spinna
6. “Dillagence” (ft. Phonte)- DJ Spinna
7. “Galactic” – DJ Spinna
8. “Surely” – DJ Spinna
9. “Goin’ Down” – Polyrhythm Addicts
10. “Stakes Is High” (DJ Spinna RMX) – De La Soul
11. “Poly Poly (Intro)” – Polyrhythm Addicts
12. “7 Dayz” (DJ Spinna Inst RMX) – Tek 9
13. “Sunshine” – DJ Spinna
14. “It’s Getting Hot” (DJ Spinna RMX) – Artifacts
15. “Miss Fat Booty” (DJ Spinna RMX) – Mos Def
16. “Sex God” ft. Phonte (DJ Spinna RMX) – Brand New Heavies
17. “Flashback To Stardom” (DJ Spinna RMX Inst) – Panacea
18. “Where’s Your Love” – DJ Spinna
19. “Peace And Quiet” – DJ Spinna
20. “Cold Hands” (DJ Spinna RMX) – Iswhat?!
21. “Back 2 U” – DJ Spinna
22. “I Want Your Love” – Jody Watley & DJ Spinna
23. “Love Is Sold” – DJ Spinna
24. “Lansanna’s Priestess” (DJ Spinna RMX) – Donald Byrd
25. “We Can Change This World” (Yoruba Soul Mix)” – DJ Spinna
26. “Why” – Tortured Soul
27. “Music In Me” – DJ Spinna
28. “Spinning Inside Your Love” (DJ Spinna RMX) – Robert Strauss
29. “Days Like This (DJ Spinna & Ticklah RMX)”- Shaun Escoffery


The one and only Diamond D (D.I.T.C.) dropped an unbelievable all 45 soul/funk/breakbeat set at The Shrine. His set was a throwback to the golden age of Hip Hop as he rocked the breaks on doubles from an ill arsenal of 45s. Sinister, son. Classic.

Diamond D @ The Shrine, Chicago from The Shrine on Vimeo.

VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: Melanie Fiona – “A Yo”

We were lucky to have Melanie Fiona perform live at The Shrine in 2009, here is a new video by her, enjoy!!

I actually like the acoustic bossa version she did with ?uestlove better than the album version though:

DOWNLOAD: Melanie – “A Yo” (ILLADELPHONICS Live Remix)
From the Melanie Fiona Questlove Mixtape

PREVIOUSLY: Remake Of The Day: Melanie Fiona – “Heartless” (ILLADELPHONICS Live Remix)

**Just Added** TWISTA now performing on July 29th + CLIPSE

It was already going to be a PACKED house with Re-Up Gang Records group CLIPSE performing on July 29th, but we (The Shrine) just added Chicago's own TWISTA to the bill!

Both for FREE via RSVP (click here). Only The Shrine would bring you two of the biggest acts in hip-hop for FREE!!!!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Have always been a huge fan of the Chicago Gangsters 'Gangster Boogie' from their tough to find Blind Over You LP. Funky, funky clavinet and bumping beats have made this this a sampler's favorite. LL lifted it for "Mama Said Knock You Out'.

Pete Rock sampled the cut for his own 'Gangsta Boogie' (Feat. Slum Village) on his 2008 mixtape New York's Finest released in 2008. Unbelievably, the cut didn't make the final album and was only released as a bonus cut on iTunes! Long Live J Dilla!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tegan & Sara – “Alligator” (88-Keys See Y’Later Remix)

I started listening to Tegan & Sara when me and my now ex-girlfriend lived together in Miami, she constantly played their music. So when I heard they had a remix with producer & Ralph Lauren enthusiast 88-Keys; I had to take a listen. This song ain't bad, please enjoy. - Jay Sabur

"Here’s a remix I submitted to Tegan & Sara for their 2nd single “Alligator” from their Sainthood album. I played this for a few people & they all seemed to have dug it; many thought I should have added a 2nd verse to this. I didn’t want to impose since they weren’t expecting any verse (or remix for that matter) from me. Also, I didn’t bother to ‘clean up’ my verse when I found out this wasn’t going down as I expected. Unfortunately this was left on the cutting room floor so… Here you go. Enjoy!" - 88 Keys

Alligator (88-Keys See Y'Later Remix) by 88-Keys

Monday, July 12, 2010

Warwick Saint: The Photographer Behind 'The Shrine Girl'

You may have noticed the incredible black and white photos that hang behind the stage at the Shrine. The portraits are the work of Brooklyn based, South African born, internationally acclaimed photographer, Warwick Saint. Saint has photographed a who's who list of models, actors, musicians... Alicia Keys, Missy Elliot, Lady Gaga, Bjork, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Outkast & John Legend are just a few musicians he has shot. Eva Mendez, Selma Hayek, Jessica Alba and Jamie Foxx are a handful of the long list of celebrities he has photographed, not to mention countless fashion spreads for the most prestigious publications around the world. Check out his incredible body of work: CLICK HERE

Friday, July 9, 2010

RESPECT: Michael Jackson x Fela x Prince=Leonard Part Sixx

Thank you Mr. Leonard Part Sixx. Last night's RESPECT dedicated to Michael Jackson was so suh-weet! Leonard buttered up the crowd early with a choice blend of the funk, soul, disco, a little house and what have you, then brought pure fi-ya!!! Standouts included a Fela/Michael mash-up via Rich Medina - check the video below and download the album here. Another hot jamm was the under-appreciated long version of the Jackson 5's 'I Am Love (Part 1 and 2).' Check out the Jackson 5 below performing 'I Am Love' live in Mexico City in 1975! The OG version Leonard dropped is here for your listening pleasure as well.

Next Thursday (7.15) Leonard goes to work on Prince Rogers Nelson...! Purple Reign.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gucci Mane featuring Talib Kweli - Poltergeist

Possibly the oddest hip-hop pairing in recent memory, but a very cool song none the less, check it out. Produced by Zaytoven!

p.s. here is the POWER of twitter!

download HERE

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Always digging for Chi-tilla goodness... Was thinking about connecting the dots between the old school and new school. Listening to Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" I kept thinking something sounded oddly familiar. Man, I know those strings! Little internet digging, as my brain doesn't fire as fast as it used to, and I realized where they came from: Curtis Mayfield's "Little Child Runnin' Wild" from Superfly. Chicago heat, from the past to the future!

Year end round up!

The Shrine: Year One Round-Up from The Shrine on Vimeo.

Here is a video montage of all the BIG moments at The Shrine since opening 1 year ago.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

LeBron coming back to THE SHRINE?

Well this Metromix article seems to think so!!!!

On The Mix At The Shrine

The Shrine has hosted an unbelievable line-up of DJs over the past year - talent that crosses all genres. From Hip Hop heavies like DJ Premier and Kid Capri, to house legends Kenny Dope (Masters At Work) and Terry Hunter to Afrobeat pusherman Rich Medina (Jump N' Funk) and Josh Deep. Shout outs to hometown heroes like Jesse De La Pena who drops in periodically to bring serious heat. DJ The Twilite Tone flipped an eclectic opening set for Camp Lo for his homecoming. DJ Spinna brought his Wonder-full party, with all Stevie all night! Diamond D went all 45s with a breaks set, reminding us of how Hip Hop was made in the golden age. JROCC?! Check. DJ Rashida?! Yup. The list of DJs is ridiculous...

Check out Rich Medina and Josh Deep's mix below and check out even more live mixes on our site: CLICK HERE