Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yahzarah & ChinaBlac discount tickets still available + FREE new MUSIC from Yahzarah

Discount price tickets for the Yahzarah & ChinaBlac show are still available:




Click that link for discount admission!

Now for the FREE music!!!

Here is the debut single from YahZarah's upcoming album "The Ballad of Purple St. James"...."Why Dontcha Call Me No More"


(click link to download)

"Why Dontcha Call Me No More"

Music: Nicolay
Lyrics: YahZarah and Phonte Coleman

All vocals: YahZarah
Keys and acoustic guitar: Nicolay
Drums: Lil’ John Roberts
Bass: Zo!
Electric guitar: Chris Boerner
Handclaps and tambourine: YahZarah and Phonte

Produced by Nicolay and Phonte for The Foreign Exchange Music!

See you all tomorrow night at The Shrine for Yahzarah & ChinaBlac

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