Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Jeremih live in concert on Sept. 27th, 2013

Last Friday night (September 27) The Shrine hosted a great night of music with performances from Marwan (Soulflow), Runway Bella, Assata Jones and the man everybody was there to see, Jeremih.

The ladies were dressed good enough to catch the eye of the show’s headliner, and with Heineken on hand to help fuel the night, the show was set to be a great one. Jamal Smallz was the DJ in control of keeping The Shrine alive and he did so in great fashion by mixing tracks from the likes of Biggie, Kanye, The Weeknd, and Jay Z.

The first artist to hit the stage was Marwan (Soulflow), a Decatur, IL native who brought his R&B sound to Chicago and got the party going. His neo-Soul stylings were a good mood setter for the night, bringing energy to the stage and getting the crowd grooving.

The next act to the stage was Runway Bella, a tall beauty from our city who provided a good change of tempo and livened the club with her Hip Hop set. Her attitude and stage presence was felt throughout the crowd, helping build the anticipation for the headlining act. Performing as the sub-headliner was another Chicago act, Assata Jones. The songstress brought us back to the R&B sound, slowing things down and filling the club with a sultry vibe.

Finally, it was Jeremih’s turn to light up The Shrine. The hit singer performed with a live band, which made for a stronger set and added more energy to his show. The R&B star performed his hit songs such as “I Like,” “Down On Me,” and “Birthday Sex,” all of which got the club moving. He finished his set with “You Know What I Like,” a track that will appear on his new, Diddy-produced album titled Thumpy Johnson.

Review by Oscar O (BKA @PursuitOfDopeness)

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