Monday, June 20, 2011

House Music: A Love Story

Last week, Afropop Wordwide released Midwest Electric: The Story of Chicago House and Detroit Techno. The hour long audio documentary carefully dissects the DNA of House music, from its Disco roots, to its birth in Chicago, to its diaspora in Europe, all the way to its future in Africa. The piece puts a bowtie on the genre’s often grimy roots, with a cerebral view on its cultural fabric and a step-by-step journey into its inspiration. Interviews with Vince Lawrence, Juan Atkins, and countless other founding fathers and mothers paint vividly colored pictures of House’s music’s story, with a soundtrack sure to launch House Heads into nostalgia. Fall in love all over again here:

Get lost in the bassline and the timeline July 3rd, 2011 as Bang! Sundays and House legend Terry Hunter welcome Black Coffee to The Shrine.

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