Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Public Address

Dear People of Chicago,

Since June 2009, the Shrine has been dedicated to bringing celebrated, unique live concerts to Chicago in an upscale, intimate setting. The Shrine team works passionately to offer its patrons just what they hope to deliver: excellence in music, ambiance, and service. More often than not, the Shrine achieves in this aspiration.
This past weekend, the Shrine scheduled a live performance by J* Davey with Res as the opening act. Unfortunately, Res cancelled her performance shortly before the show due to illness. In her place, the Shrine scheduled local talent to open for J*Davey. In addition to the local talent, there was an additional impromptu performance by a member of J*Davey’s entourage. Unbeknownst to the Shrine team, the individual performs under the name Reese, pronounced the same as Res.

The Shrine is an establishment of integrity and has a solid commitment to customer service. As such, we found it necessary to address the attendees the night of the concert to announce that Res would not be performing. The Shrine also offered complimentary tickets for its upcoming shows as a courtesy for any inconvenience it may have caused its patrons. Again, no process is perfect. Every endeavor at the Shrine is taken seriously and we stand equally committed to being an integral part of the urban nightlife experience. Our posture, our commitment, and our practices are always done with the best of intentions.


The Shrine Team

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