Friday, November 26, 2010

Dwele is this Saturday at The Shrine!!!, the world's premier social networking website for minorities, proudly serves as a sponsor of the Dwele concert at The Shrine on Saturday, November 27. Founded by successful entrepreneur James Johnson, the foundation of Fase2Fase sets itself to be the informative portal for minority business people, homeowners, working professionals and financial decision makers when they cannot find readily resources elsewhere. Using his experience when building his heating and cooling corporation, Johnson knew what tools and resources needed to incorporate to engage consumers like you and set itself apart from all the networking sites in use today.

VP of Marketing & Branding Allison Jordan explains the dynamic between the use of the networking website and consumer and commerce. "At Fase2Fase, we are creating new trends in social media for that growing 95% of users that own small businesses. Fase2Fase is a fully integrated social media environment where small businesses can also sell products, stay connected to all other platforms, while benefiting from our unique retail opportunities for business growth. With our marketing strength we will proactively build relationships with consumers and generate brand awareness among a targeted audience."

Buy your tickets now. This is one live concert you would not want to miss. Go to

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